You can download my full CV. You can also download my Teaching Statement.

Short CV

Current and Previous Positions

2018-present: University of St. Gallen, assistant professor at the School of Finance (2019 to 2021 also executive director of the PhD Program in Finance).

2022-present: Swiss Finance Institute, SFI faculty member.

2015-2019: Vilnius University, researcher at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (part-time).

2015-2018: Bank of Lithuania, researcher at the Center for Excellence in Finance and Economic Research (until July 2017 Senior Economist, thereafter Principal Economist).


2011-2015: University of Amsterdam and Tinbergen Institute, PhD in economics (thesis title: Behavioral Economics and the Public Sector; advisor: Arthur Schram).

2009-2011: Tinbergen Institute, MPhil in economics.

2003-2009: University of Freiburg, Diplom in mathematics (BSc+MSc equivalent; specialization in mathematical and applied statistics).

Awards and Prizes

2021: Vernon Smith Young Talent Award by the Society for Experimental Finance (for “Intertemporal Prospect Theory”, with I. Lampe).

2021: HSG Latsis Prize by Fondation Latsis Internationale (awarded to a researcher in any field below the age of 40 at the University of St. Gallen for significant research contributions).

2019: Vladas Jurgutis Award for significant research works by the Bank of Lithuania (for “The Non-Equivalence of Labour Market Taxes: A Real-Effort Experiment,” with A. Schram).

2018: Teaching recognition Best CEMS Course based on student evaluations.

2018: Award for the best publication in the social sciences and humanities at Vilnius University in 2017 (for “The Non-Equivalence of Labour Market Taxes: A Real-Effort Experiment,” joint work with A. Schram).

2016: Finalist (top-3) of the Joop Hartog Dissertation Prize for the best PhD thesis defended at the Amsterdam School of Economics in the years 2014 and 2015.

Grants and Scholarships

2020-2020: HSG Basic Research Grant (project on decision making; ca. CHF 30 000).

2019-2022: HSG Basic Research Grant (project on learning in social networks, joint with C. Aymanns; ca. CHF 46 000).

2018-2021: HSG Basic Research Grant (project in behavioral finance; ca. CHF 10 000).

2018: HSG FT-50 Success Fee (CHF 10 000).

2017: Funding for laboratory experiments from the Bank of Lithuania and the ERC IBSEN Horizon 2020 project, joint with A. Kopányi-Peuker (€ 10 000).

2012-2015: Research Talent Grant of The Netherlands’ Organisation for Scientific Research, joint with A. Schram (ca. € 170 000).

2011-2014: Funding for laboratory experiments from the Research Priority Area Behavioral Economics of the University of Amsterdam (ca. € 20 000).

2010-2011: Tinbergen Institute Scholarship (ca. € 12 000).

2009-2010: Tinbergen Institute Scholarship (ca. € 12 000).